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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks for Diabetics

The Super Bowl is quickly coming upon us, and whether your team has a chance to play or not; you will still be faced with making healthy eating choices. A typical super bowl can last around four hours. That could mean a lot of sitting and eating, up to 2,400 calories. This can be a challenge for even the most disciplined fan.

There are a few key recommendations that you should be aware of with the first being to never go to any party starving or you will overeat everything. Have a small meal that is heavy on protein such as eggs or tuna fish before the party starts. It will digest slower and keep your stomach full to help curb those cravings. Think of it as having a strong defense versus that powerful high scoring offense.

If you are throwing the Super Bowl Feast, look at creating a healthier spinach dip with Greek yogurt. Spinach is especially beneficial for those with diabetes as it contains protective steroids that keep blood sugar levels stable. Other football game day appetizers that will go great with your diet plan are Hummus, Asian Beef Kabobs, Buffalo Turkey Tacos and Guacamole. Low-Carb Pizza Bites, Teriyaki Chicken Drummies provide plenty of flavorful dips and will keep you fueled for the entire game.

Just because you have diabetes does not mean you can’t be cheering for your favorite team. Of course, the majority of us will have our teams watching the game from the couch like the rest of us.

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